Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptians Score a Huge Victory for All Humanity

It's difficult to express how totally awed I am by what has taken place over the last three weeks. Every nation in the world should be flying the Egyptian flag today, because every person on earth will be the beneficiary of the great courage and fantastic integrity of the Egyptian people. We all owe these brave and wonderful people a great debt of gratitude and our unbridled respect for what they have accomplished through their sheer will, ingenuity, and unfailing commitment. They are true heroes, not just of Egypt but of oppressed and exploited peoples everywhere--from the truly clueless peasants of North Korea to the willfully thoughtless lumpen of America--too ignorant to even realize they're prisoners of a deceitful ideology and corrupt leadership.

I hope President Obama will not obstruct the process of unraveling the crimes and thievery of the Mubarak administration in order to spare America the embarrassment it fully deserves for it's long history of supporting such a brutal and oppressive dictator. Hosni's thoughtless and condescending remarks over the last few weeks and his brutal tactics in trying to oppress the peaceful protest of his people must stand in stark contrast to our words and deeds or we risk being rightfully condemned as accomplices.

The deceitful and underhanded foreign policy and politics of yesteryear simply isn't appropriate in the world of today. It's time for the free nations of the world to set high standards for themselves--and to live up to them. We have probably never had a better opportunity to come clean once and for all, and to begin a new foreign policy that places the dignity of all the world's people above even our own sovereignty as a nation. For the latter really is both evil and contemptuous if it comes at the expense of the former.

I believe the wisest move America could make over the next few months is to honor this great achievement of the Egyptian people with the commitment to build a sovereign Egyptian city here in America. Not just to celebrate Egypt for such a truly magnificent and humane achievement, but as a symbol of the most genuine and beautiful characteristic of our species--our collective quest for justice, dignity, and a parity of opportunity for all mankind. I think we should commit 100 square miles of America, and the money it takes to build a city of a million people as a tribute to this event, and as an invitation to Egyptians to build a showcase city here in America. I see it as a wise means to jumpstart both of our economies and to broach a whole new strategy for knitting together the world's great cultures into a more robust commitment to the fair self-governance of all peoples.

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